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Welcome to the BYU-Idaho Planetarium
Come see stars, planets, and constellations as if you were gazing at the night sky.

Upcoming Shows at the BYU-Idaho Planetarium

Thursdays | ROM 107 | 7:00 PM | $2.00 at the door
An immersive documentary that explores the inner workings of Earth's climate system.
January 11
January 18
January 25
See the universe like never before by viewing a spectrum of what was once unseeable.
February 1
February 8
February 15
February 22
February 29
Witness the amazing variety of stars and how their characteristics determine the life they lead.
March 7
March 14
March 21
March 28
Visit the astounding events of rebirth and renewal as the universe transforms and expands in explosive calamity.
April 4
April 11- Closed for graduation
April 18- Closed for semester break
April 25

Public and Private Show Information

The planetarium, located in the George S. Romney Building (ROM 107), offers opportunities to explore the universe with public and private shows. The planetarium is handicap accessible but will only comfortably accommodate 1-2 wheelchairs at a time.
Thursday Open Public Shows
Tickets go on sale at 6:30 pm at the door on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Planetarium comfortably seats 40 adults. Most shows last about 30 minutes.

Public shows are not available on holidays, finals week, school breaks, and all of August.

If you have a timing conflict, a large group to accommodate, or want to view a specific show, consider scheduling a private show.

$2.00 per person.

Children ages 5 and under are free with an adult. Some shows may not be appropriate for young children due to loud noise and darkness.
Private Shows and Reservations
The Planetarium offers private shows for school, scout, family, church, and civic groups. The Planetarium will comfortably seat 40 adults.
Look over the list of planetarium shows to choose one that best fits your group.

Scheduling a Show
Schedule private shows through the Scheduling Office at 208-496-3126. Shows can be reserved at limited times Monday through Friday, excluding Monday and Friday nights.
Shows must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, but can be scheduled up to one month in advance.

Private showings are $2.00 per person or a minimum of $40 (if your group has less than 20 people)

We offer the following payment options:
  • Check: Made out to BYU-Idaho. This method is the quickest/simplest form of payment.
  • Cash: You must have exact change, we do not have a cash box and cannot make change.
  • Credit or debit cards: Are not handled by our department. At the time of your show, you will be directed to use the CashNet system through the Financial Services Office using a QR code on the receipt. No pre-payments are allowed.