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Sponsor a Mechanical Engineering Student Project

Give students the opportunity to create and explore the engineering world by sponsoring a project.

Project Guidelines

Engineering students test out the hexcopter they made.

A well-structured Capstone design project provides a tremendous educational experience for students.

An ideal Capstone project has the following characteristics:

  • Represents a real-world need, but one that is not critical to the sponsor's short-term success (i.e. back-burner projects are best)
  • Requires design work (not just analysis or fabrication of an existing design)
  • Culminates in a detailed design package and a physical prototype
  • Requires approximately 400 student hours to complete (a one-semester project for a team of 3-5 students)
Sponsoring a Project
Individuals or organizations who wish to sponsor a Capstone project provide the following:
  • A $2,000 educational grant to the Mechanical Engineering department at BYU-Idaho ($1000 of which is available to the student team for prototyping and other expenses directly related to the project)
  • Information and feedback on the project through a designated contact person
  • A signed Capstone Sponsor Agreement form  

    Download PDF
  • A brief evaluation of the student team's performance  

    Download PDF
Benefits to the Sponsor
Benefits to sponsors of Capstone projects include the following:
  • Ownership of any intellectual property created by the student team as a result of their work on the project
  • Ownership of any prototypes developed by the student team during their work on the project
  • Exposure to undergraduate engineering students who may be candidates for internships or full-time positions with the sponsor
  • Partnership with the university in enhancing the educational experience of students