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Bachelor of Science
Sociology (B.S.)
The Sociology degree provides students with an understanding of our place in the greater puzzle that is the human experience. Students will study how we connect and interact with those around us.
Sociology students talk with a professor.
Use Research to Explore Our Social World
The study of sociology requires learning, thinking, observation, and interpretation. Using theory and scientific methods, sociologists seek to understand and address current social issues using research-based approaches.

As sociology majors, students will be trained to:
  • Address social issues across culture, crime, race, class, gender, and family
  • Apply sociological concepts and theories to the real world
  • Explore human behavior and beliefs using research methods
  • Use sociological knowledge and skills to engage with and improve a diverse world

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Highlighted Career Paths

Graduates with a degree in Sociology have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.
Data analyst
Data analysts perform a variety of tasks related to collecting, organizing, and interpreting statistical information.
Survey researcher
Survey researchers design and conduct surveys and analyze data.
Corrections officer
Correctional officers oversee those who have been arrested and are awaiting trial or who have been sentenced to serve time in jail or prison.
Human resource specialist
Human resources specialists recruit, screen, interview, and place workers. They also handle employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training.
Market research
Market research analysts study market conditions to examine potential sales of a product or service.

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