The Business Analytics degree prepares students for careers as business analysts in a variety of environments that use a data-driven approach to decision making.

Business Analytics students

Become a Capable, Data-Driven Business Analyst

Are you curious? Analytical? Comfortable with technology? Do you like business and always look for data to help you make important decisions? If so, the business analytics degree is for you.

To help you succeed in a variety of settings, the business analytics degree starts with a solid foundation in the three basic pillars of business (finance, operations, and marketing) and adds depth in statistics and high-usage technologies such as SQL, Python, R, and a variety of data visualization tools. Graduates of this program will be prepared to provide actionable insights from relevant data, leading to improved business performance.

Career Path

Graduates with a degree in Business Analytics have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.

Highlighted Career Paths

Business Analyst

Business analysts gather and analyze data, identify user needs, evaluate business systems, make recommendations, and lead projects that improve company performance.

Management Consultant/Analyst

Management consultants often work in teams with a client's leaders to identify problems, gather information, and implement solutions.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts monitor sales trends and measure the effectiveness of marketing programs and strategies.

Pricing Analyst

Pricing analysts collaborate with sales and marketing teams, analyze competitor offerings and market expectations, and build pricing models in order to determine the ideal target price for products and services of the business.

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Getting started in this degree

As early as possible, students should take the following courses:
  • BUS 100 - Business Exploration and Orientation
  • BA 211 - Business Fundamentals
  • BA 215 - Spreadsheet Analysis for Business
  • ACCTG 201 - Financial Accounting
  • ECON 150 - Economic Principles and Problems – Micro
  • MATH 221A - Business Statistics

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