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Bachelor of Science
Accounting (B.S.)
Students will graduate with an understanding of the most fundamental underpinning of business: accounting. Their career prospects will be enhanced by learning core taxation, auditing, accounting information systems, and financial and managerial accounting concepts.
Accounting Students work to balance equations on a whiteboard.
Learn the Language of Business
Students can enter the program without an accounting or business background and participate in learning experiences with professional and academically qualified faculty. Their studies prepare them for graduate studies and immediate contributions to the modern workforce. Student learning includes development of the functional knowledge, technical skills, and professionalism necessary to become successful leaders in their homes, the Church, and career.
"…I recently found out that I passed the last section of the CPA exam. I was surprised at how well the accounting program prepared me for the CPA exam. I passed all four sections on my first attempt in a period of six months. If any students ask if these classes will help, the answer is a resounding yes…"

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Highlighted Career Paths

Graduates with a degree in Accounting have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.
Corporate Accountants
Graduates work inside a business to ensure that relevant data is captured, summarized, and delivered as reports for decision-making purposes. Corporate accountants are essential management team members with business intelligence and influence managerial decisions.
Financial Auditors
Graduates perform financial statement audits of public and private businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental entities worldwide. Auditors develop a solid understanding of accounting, internal controls, accounting information systems, and audit processes, which are highly sought-after skills within the industry.
Forensic Accountants
Graduates perform detailed financial investigations and are the sleuths of the accounting profession. Forensic accountants work on criminal and civil court cases to help sort out the complex financial dealings of the parties involved.
Internal Auditors
Graduates analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations, test compliance with laws and regulations, and ensure the reliability of financial reporting. Boards of directors rely heavily on internal auditors to help ensure that the company complies with internal control regulations.
Tax Consultant
Graduates work for public accounting firms to serve clients, from the largest corporations to individual taxpayers, to advise them of the tax ramifications of their financial decisions. They also help them prepare and file their annual tax returns. Tax consultants often enjoy this career because they help their clients legally minimize their tax obligations.

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