We seek to increase the number of degree programs avaiable to dedicated, high-achieving BYU-Idaho students by facilitating cooperative agreements between BYU-I and other respected colleges and universities. Our agreements generally allow you, the student, to focus your learning in an accelerated and cost-saving way.

Students who choose one of our expedited graduate programs graduate with less credits and in less time.

Students who choose to explore degree offerings we don't currently offer ourselves can still attend BYU-I for the unique BYU-I Learning experience and then share their growth and skills as they move on to complete baccalurate programs with another university.


The most successful student experiences will be met by students who have identified their educational path early so as to make the most of their time and coursework at BYU-Idaho.

Start defining your educational and career path with advising services begin here.

Learn about the several exciting opportunities we have with other universities.

Look at all available programs listed by BYU-Idaho colleges and departments to find what's best for you.

We continue to explore many new and exciting educational opportunities. If you would like to se us explore other areas, or if you have questions tahat aren't answered on our site, please contact us at

Online students are free to explore and apply for the opportunities defined through our agreements but usually cannot remain an online student. Most of our agreements are connected to day programs.