On January 24, 2018, BYU-Idaho acquired Portfolium, a new tool students can use to showcase their strengths, skills, and projects. 

The university felt that Portfolium fulfilled the goal of finding a program that would highlight students' "leadership transcript." A leadership transcript is something potential employers are looking for among graduates. It is similar to a school transcript, but instead of grades students have gotten or classes students they have taken, it lists leadership positions students have held while at school. Essentially, Portfolium allows students to market their skills with volunteering or leading group projects.   

Portfolium also offers the following benefits:       

  • Students can easily connect with potential employers and over 3,000 businesses.
  • Students can archive the work they have accomplished while in college including leadership experience and school projects.
  • Faculty and employees can find data that will help reform curriculum to help students.
  • Portfolium connects with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  

Debbie Peck, the Student Life Portfolio Manager, described Portfolium as "a huge wealth of knowledge" for students. They can connect with their peers to research what has been done to receive certain job position. With Portfolium, students also have the ability to see what companies are looking for in employees.  

"It's almost like a huge cookbook of ideas," Peck said. "[Portfolium] can give students ideas for what skills they need to acquire to be more marketable before graduation."  

For information on how to set up your Portfolium account, visit the BYU-Idaho IT website.