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Health Services Student Societies

Professional Organizations

In the Continuous Improvement phase of the course council works together to improve the quality of the online course.

Professional organizations are great for networking and provide valuable information for those considering a career in occupational safety and health.
Membership in one or more professional organizations is important to the success of an occupational health and safety professional. These organizations provide information about the field of occupational health and safety, training and networking opportunities, and job boards. Our students are encouraged to become student members of the ASSE or the AIHA and to participate in our academic society meetings and activities.

Industrial Hygiene and Safety Society

American Society of Safety Professionals

American Industrial Hygiene Association

Healthcare Administration Society
The Healthcare Administration Society assists students in their academic and professional development to enjoy a more fulfilling and successful career in the healthcare industry.

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Public Health Society
The Public Health Society is focused on promoting public health awareness and education. Through workshops, guest speakers, and community outreach initiatives, the society aims to equip students with knowledge and skills in public health practices, raise awareness about health-related issues, and foster a passion for improving the well-being of individuals and communities.

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