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Guest Information

BYU-Idaho dress standards and parking locations for graduation commencements.
Corey Andrews and his family, Graduate of Bio Medical Science in the College of Ag & Life Sciences.

BYU–Idaho dress standards apply to all visitors on campus. To invite the Spirit, guests are encouraged to wear Sunday dress to all graduation events.

While on campus please refrain from wearing the following attire:

  • Shorts
  • Capris/gauchos
  • Flip-flops
  • Worn or ragged jeans
  • Hats

Please visit the Student Honor Office for additional information.

Parking permits are not enforced during graduation. Elderly and Handicap parking will be available in Lots 4, 12, and 13. Parking attendants will be available for assistance. Due to congestion near the graduation venues, please consider parking in outlying lots and walking to the venues if you are physically capable. For more information regarding parking during graduation, please contact Parking Services.

Phone: 208-496-3030

Email Parking Services

Download a PDF of Campus Parking