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Alumni Association

Welcome to the BYU-Idaho Alumni Association! Keep the university informed about your successes, life changes, and contact information.
"Graduates of BYU-Idaho will become... legendary for their capacity to build the people around them and to add value wherever they serve... We will have a spiritual outpouring, because of your faith and the faith of the faculty and those who lead here, that will lead us to be legendary in terms of our capacity to teach and to learn and in our capacity to innovate... And that's going to follow you everywhere you go... "I hope I live long enough to someday meet with employers who employed one of you and says, 'Where did that come from?' And I'll smile and say, 'Well, come with me to Rexburg.' And I may not be able to show it to you, and I may not be able to prove it to you, but you'll feel it. There will be a spirit here..."
Photo of Elder Henry B. Eyring
-- President Henry B. Eyring, "A Steady Upward Course" (2011)

Welcome from Alumni Relations Director

Dear Graduate,

Welcome to BYU-Idaho Alumni. You are joining over 200,000 alumni who have experienced the 'Spirit of Ricks' and retain it through continued association with the University. Many of your fellow alumni continue their level of association by serving as BYU-Idaho Ambassadors and Mentors, helping us "link students and alumni for good."

As a graduate of BYU-Idaho, you are helping to fulfill the prophecy made by Jacob Spori on November 12, 1888. On that day, the very first day of this school, he announced: "The seeds we are planting today will grow and become mighty oaks, and their branches will run all over the earth."

As graduates of BYU-Idaho, you are helping to fulfill this prophecy. We look forward to hearing your progress as you become "a mighty oak" and hope to keep track where you go as you "run all over the earth." Please remember where the seeds were planted and where your educational roots are.

We hope you keep us informed of your successes, life changes, and new addresses. ( We will keep you up-to-date with campus news and activities.

Your fellow alumnus,

Steve Davis '84, Director
Alumni Relations

Alumni Association