General Education FAQ

As a current student (admitted before Spring Semester 2019), am I required to complete the new General Education (GE) requirements?

Only students who move to the 2019 catalog or later will be required to complete the new GE requirements. University policy states:

A student is responsible for the General Education or Foundations and Major requirements listed in any BYU-Idaho Catalog (chosen by the student) from the year of first enrollment to the year of graduation, provided the BYU-Idaho Catalog chosen is not more than seven years old.

Students desiring to change their declared catalog to 2019 or later are encouraged to visit with their Academic Advisor for assistance and to discuss:

  • How Foundations courses will translate into GE requirements.
  • Potential impact of changing from Foundations requirements to GE, including progress toward graduation.

If I want to declare a new major in the 2019 or later catalog, am I required to move to that catalog or can I complete the new major on my current (pre-2019) catalog?

If you want to pursue a major effective 2019 or later, you are required to move to the new catalog and complete the new GE requirements:

New 2019 Majors:

I do not want or need to move to the newer catalog with GE. How do I complete the Foundations requirements now that the University has changed to GE?

The University will continue to provide the necessary courses for students to complete all Foundations requirements. However, some of the course codes or course options may change slightly. If changes occur, these new course codes and/or course options will appear in I-Plan.

Will I be negatively impacted by choosing not to move to the new GE program?

No. Both the Foundations and the new GE requirements have been carefully designed to provide students with a high-quality educational experience.

How is General Education different from Foundations?

Students will actually see many similarities between the former Foundations structure and the new GE structure. Many courses previously offered for Foundations are also found in the new GE program. The new GE program provides more options for completing requirements and improving the student experience.

The religion and English requirements are the same, and the math requirement includes expanded options. Additionally, several courses found in the substitution modules of Foundations are now offered as part of GE.

College Success is a new GE requirement for new incoming students. This requirement has been designed to promote learning and application of skills and patterns leading to a successful experience in college and throughout life. It may also be necessary for current students changing to the 2019 catalog year or later to complete this requirement.

Students with Transfer Credits

Students without Transfer Credits

The College Success requirement will be waived for students with transfer credits who meet one or more of the following:

  • Transfer with an accepted Associate* degree
  • Transfer with 61+ earned and accepted transfer credits
  • Transfer with earned and accepted transfer credit that, when combined with earned BYU-Idaho resident credits, total 61+ prior to changing declared catalog year to 2019 or later

The College Success requirement will be waived for students without transfer credits who opt to change their declared catalog year to 2019 or later and meet one or more of the following:

  • Completed Foundations* entirely prior to changing declared catalog year to 2019 or later
  • Earned 61+ credits prior to changing declared catalog year to 2019 or later

*An Applied Associate degree does not qualify.

Why do many of the GE courses still have an “FD” course code prefix?

Over the next year, Academic Departments will work to update their respective courses offered as part of the new GE structure; part of these changes will be the removal of the “FD” course prefix.

What is the impact to my official transcript if I take a course that later changes to a new course code and/or title?

The code and title of a course at the time the course was completed is what is recorded on your official transcript. A future change to the code and/or title does not change what has already been officially recorded.

To view your transcript, please navigate to the “Student” tab of your account. You are welcome to order an official copy of your transcript at any time.

Will this change impact course descriptions?

Course descriptions may change to replace reference to Foundations with General Education. However, such changes have minimal, if any, impact on registration or degree completion.

Will this change affect any prerequisite courses?

For some programs, some prerequisite courses are now found in GE. For more information, consult the Academic Catalog or your recommended plan in I-Plan.

Can I still take Institute courses and have them transfer to BYUI; will they still complete the Eternal Truths requirement?

Yes. The change from Foundations to GE does not impact the University policy covering the transfer of Institute coursework to satisfy Eternal Truths or Religion in Residence requirements.

Is FDSCI 101 going to be listed as an option for GE in 2019?

While FDSCI 101 is not listed as an option for GE, students who have already completed this course will find that it will count toward fulfilling the Natural Science Breadth Area within the new GE structure.

Can my GS 105 (Study and Life Skills) course substitute for the College Success requirement in GE?

Yes. This course is considered a suitable substitution.

Can my GS 106A (College Success) course substitute in for the College Success requirement in GE?

Both GS 106 and GS 106A will automatically satisfy GE 101, thus fulfilling the College Success requirement.

How do I know which course to take?

College Success (GE 101) is only available to students with 20 or fewer credits (new freshmen).

I attended Rick’s College prior to 1983. I am not seeing any of my courses, including what I think will fulfill GE on my transcript. What should I do?

In addition to visiting with your Academic Advisor, you may need to request your Ricks College courses be added to your BYU-Idaho record. You can request your transcript.

I have coursework from another college/university I need to transfer to BYU-Idaho. How do I do that?

Please visit the Transfer Evaluation page for more information.