Beginning with President Gordon B. Hinckley's announcement of BYU-Idaho in June 2000, there have been several addresses delivered by university presidents and apostles which provide insight into how BYU-Idaho "will have a unique role in and be distinctive from the institutions of higher education within the Church Educational System." Reviewing these inspired remarks will provide a deeper understanding of the vision that guides the daily work of the university.

Announcement: Ricks College to Become BYU-Idaho

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Board of Trustees of Ricks College announce that Ricks College will change from its present two-year junior college status to a four-year institution.

President David A. Bednar | Inaugural Response

President and Sister Hinckley, honored guests, students and colleagues of Ricks College, my brothers and sisters. I am honored and humbled by the charge and responsibility I have received today from the President of the Church.

A Steady, Upward Course

As President Bednar has said, I have come under assignment from the First Presidency to talk about the future of this institution. But I know enough about it to know that I need to talk first to the students because the Lord cares about you...

BYU-Idaho: A Disciple Preparation Center

Brothers and sisters, I am grateful to meet and worship with you this afternoon. I pray for and invite the companionship of the Holy Ghost as together we consider some of the remarkable events that are taking place...

Inaugural Response | President Kim B. Clark

I would like to share with you for a few moments what is in my heart and what I believe it means to be the president of Brigham Young University-Idaho at this time in its history.

The Temple and the College on the Hill

Thank you for that wonderful music. Thank you for the choice of the scripture. Thank you for singing songs we used to sing in this place some years ago. It has been a joy for Sister Eyring and me to return to this campus.

Inaugural Response | Clark G. Gilbert

It was a pioneer’s heart that enabled the Lord to gather His Saints at the opening of this dispensation. Those early pioneers brought a spirit of frugality, a faith and optimism for the unknown, a longing for prophetic direction...

Inaugural Charge to President Henry J. Eyring

These exercises are designed to mark the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Brigham Young University-Idaho. Today, on behalf of the Board of Trustees and the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...

Inaugural Response | Henry J. Eyring

All meetings at BYU-Idaho are a celebration of the goodness and power of our Savior Jesus Christ. That is especially so as we formally reflect upon the mission of this university, which is His.

The Spirit of BYU-Idaho | President Henry B. Eyring

Elder Oaks, members of the Board of Trustees, Commissioner Clark, past presidents of this educational institution, members of the faculty and staff, distinguished guests, brothers and sisters, and President Henry J. Eyring...