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Sky Mountain Lodge

Located in a serene mountain landscape near Victor, Idaho, Sky Mountain Lodge is perfect for training events and team-building activities.

Sky Mountain Lodge is available for campus departments and University-sponsored student organizations.

Applications can be completed a maximum of one semester in advance (i.e., on the first day of Fall Semester, you can apply for a date in Winter Semester). The lodge is available for reservation from September through the first weekend of June.

Lodge Reservations Guidelines

  • Reservation requests must be made by submitting a completed Lodge Application. Please note you may list 2 separate dates of when you wish to attend. 
  • Reservation requests received through the first full week of the semester will be gathered and noted when they were received. If multiple requests for a particular weekend are received, we will work to accommodate as many groups as possible. We understand the first 4 weeks of the semester are in the highest demand. When making reservation assignments for these weeks, we will look at when the request was made and when the specific group was accommodated last. Our goal is to allow as many groups the opportunity throughout the calendar year as possible.
  • You will receive an email confirmation with your request once you have officially been scheduled on the Lodge Calendar.

About Sky Mountain Lodge

  • Sky Mountain Lodge is located ½ mile off of Highway 33 and 3.5 miles from Victor, Idaho. This lodge can accommodate large groups for training and up to 40 people for sleeping in the main lodge. There are bathroom and shower facilities for both men and women. It is equipped with an industrial-sized kitchen; a large refrigerator and freezer; and cooking and serving utensils.
  • The lodge training room is cozy enough for small groups with the current couches that are there. Chairs can be set up to accommodate 40 participants for training sessions.
  • Large groups will enjoy the industrial-sized kitchen for preparing and cooking meals. There are an additional refrigerator and freezer located behind the side room door.
  • The upper loft is a great location for a small breakout group. This area will also accommodate up to 6 mattresses (stored in the basement) for sleeping arrangements when you have mixed groups.
  • Two small bedrooms adjacent to the upper loft are also available. One bedroom has 2 twin-size beds, the other has a full-size bed. Advisors may enjoy the bedroom near the upstairs bedroom.


Sixty yards from the Sky Mountain Lodge is the Barn. The interior can be used for team-building activities or it can accommodate 200 chairs for large gatherings.

Homestead Cabin

  • The Homestead Cabin is a small, rustic cabin that is ideal for training small groups no larger than 12. The Homestead Cabin is located ¼ of a mile west of the Ranch entrance. Travel on the main dirt road until you see a left turn and a fork in the road. Take the second left, and you'll see the cabin appear on the right side just 40 yards from the fork.
  • The Homestead Cabin can accommodate (3) three single men, (3) single women, OR 3 married couples for overnight sleeping arrangements.


  • Grand Bunkhouse: This bunkhouse is located between the Sky Mountain Lodge and the Homestead Cabin. The central room is large enough to train 20 participants. There is a kitchenette with a sink and running water and a small refrigerator. There is not a stove or oven in this building. This building is primarily used for sleeping quarters when large groups come to Sky Mountain Lodge. There are 22 mattresses for sleeping in the central room or two side rooms with doors. Some bunk beds are provided. Groups can walk to the Grand Bunkhouse on a trail from the Sky Mountain Lodge (except during the winter) or drive to it by traveling on the road ¼ of a mile west of the ranch entrance.
  • Middle & Arena Bunkhouses: These two bunkhouses are slightly smaller than the Grand Bunkhouse but very similar in design. They are used for sleeping quarters or small group breakout sessions. Both Bunkhouses have 20 foam pads. The roads leading to the Middle and Arena Bunkhouses are not plowed in the winter.

* Please note that the Barn, Library, and Middle and Arena Bunkhouses are closed and/or inaccessible in the winter.