The English Academic Society (EAS) provides you the opportunity to develop leadership skills as you plan activities that are both fun and prepare you for the future. Join EAS and get involved. Here's how:

  • Drop by the Rigby Lounge any Thursday at 2:00 p.m.
  • Contact the EAS advisor, Emily Grover.

EAS Activities

What's happening this semester?

Each semester you will have fun experiences with literature through EAS. Because activities are planned by current EAS members, things are always new and fresh. One semester you might drop by the Halloween spooky poetry/story reading. Another semester you might celebrate Valentine's Day by reading some love poetry (the good stuff; not that sappy stuff). Host Last Poet Standing, a poetry slam called Last Poet Standing, or plan a literary-themed dinner or film night. As an EAS member, you decide what to do.

Each December look for the Yule Ball, where we visit the world of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, with its assemblies and balls. 

EAS Leadership Opportunities

The success of EAS depends on you. Join the EAS presidency and get involved. Build your résumé, strengthen contacts with faculty and friends, plan the activities that you want most. Contact the EAS advisor to learn more.

EAS-sponsored Conferences

Build your résumé by participating in the EAS-sponsored conferences.

Pre-professional Conference

What about graduate school? How do I get an internship? The Pre-professional Conference helps you answer these questions and many more. Every October, the EAS brings in experts to answer your questions about how you can prepare now for the career you want later.

You can also participate in the Pre-professional Conference. Submit essays, poetry, and short fiction to the writing competition sponsored by the EAS. Find out how good your writing is, and win some money too.

Find out more about the Pre-Professional Conference.

National Undergraduate Literature Conference

Have you written a brilliant essay for one of your literature classes? What about that amazing poem or short story? You know you have. Do something more with it than just throw it away or delete it from your hard drive. Submit essays, short fiction, and poetry to the National Undergraduate Literature Conference (NULC).

The NULC is held each spring at Weber State University, and the EAS has scholarship money available to help pay for registration and travel expenses.

Find out more about the NULC.