The ELEVATE competition provides a unique opportunity for students from varied disciplines to work together to solve a social problem in an interactive process that cannot be found elsewhere on campus. ELEVATE will inspire students to find solutions to social problems and provide a chance to make a difference.

The topic for the Winter 2022 semester is Fear Not. Interdisciplinary student teams will present their ideas before a panel of judges on how students can cultivate peace and courage in the face of tribulation. IDS will host a competition for teams of 4-5 students to present in person.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the ELEVATE directors at

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Shayna Sanders Hansen
Kaylee Johnson
Clayton Salmon
Alisha Van Houten
Seth Ratliffe
Colette Nielson

ADVISOR - IDS Council Member:

Sister Caryn Esplin:   |  208-496-3702