The ELEVATE competition provides a unique opportunity for students from varied disciplines to work together to solve a social problem in an interactive process that cannot be found elsewhere on campus. ELEVATE will inspire students to find solutions to social problems and provide a chance to make a difference.

The topic for the Fall 2020 Semester is Creating Balance. Interdisciplinary student teams will present their ideas before a panel of judges on how students can achieve their greatest potential by creating balance in their lives.

IDS will host this competition in a flexible manner to meet face to face, hybrid, or the virtual environment to meet the official university decision for Fall semester.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the ELEVATE directors at


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Aurora Broderson
Jared Rigby
Lauren Boix
Emily Petersen
Kianna Steadman
Jerico Tyler
Rachel Pomeroy

ADVISOR - IDS Council Member:
Sister Caryn Esplin:  |  208-496-3702