Elementary, Early, and Special Education Majors

Welcome to Elementary, Early, and Special Education! The Elementary, Early, and Special Education Department is your place to learn and experience how to become an engaging and outstanding educator.  With ample practicum experience included in each program, teacher candidates are mentored by faculty members and teachers in a variety of school settings.  The Elementary, Early, and Special Education Department offers degrees in Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE), Special Education K-12, and Elementary Education.  Secondary Education majors can be found in content areas across campus with a Core of education courses offered in Elementary, Early, and Special Education.  The capstone experience of your journey will culminate with student teaching in various cities throughout the western United States. 


You are invited to learn alongside dedicated faculty and mentor teachers who are invested in your learning.  As you engage children/adolescents in learning and apply principles of teaching, you will serve your students and help them meet their potential.  You will experience the joy of helping each child of God learn and grow during your mentored teaching experiences.  Let your journey begin!