Use of Copyrighted Materials

The U.S. Constitution provides the foundation upon which copyright law is based. Copyright violations related to copying printed materials, materials in digital format, audio and video recordings, music, Internet transmissions, and computer programs and databases, create potential legal liability for the university and the individuals involved.

The University's policy is that all members of the BYU-Idaho community - faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and patrons - are expected to make a good faith effort to respect the rights of copyright owners by the exercise of the following principles:

Members of the BYU-Idaho community who disregard this Copyright Policy may violate the Honor Code, the terms of their employment (jeopardizing their employment status), place themselves at risk for possible legal action, and incur personal liability.

To assist the university community with copyright issues, BYU-Idaho provides an Intellectual Property Rights Specialist to offer help and guidance to the faculty and students in resolving copyright questions. The university Intellectual Property Rights Specialist will inform and educate the BYU-Idaho community about the application of copyright principles. The Agent will also assist in documenting a good faith effort to seek permission and to comply with copyright requirements.  For assistance with copyright matters, faculty and students are encouraged to consult with the BYU-Idaho Intellectual Property Rights Specialist in the David O. McKay Library.