The Chemistry Society

The Chemistry Society at BYU-Idaho is a local chartered Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society. Meetings and activities are scheduled Fall and Winter semesters every Thursday at 2:00 pm in ROM 277. 

Flyers announcing each activity are posted in the Romney Building approximately one week in advance. Activities include INL trips, the sponsoring of National Chemistry Week, chemical demonstrations at local public schools, Christmas tree decorating, workshops (e.g., how to get an internship), barbeques, videos, bowling, social gatherings at faculty homes, helping the local Boy Scouts with the chemistry merit badge, and the judging science fairs. 

The society has recently earned two national Honorable Mention awards for its activities through the American Chemical Society. The society has also presented a summary of its activities at two national meetings. Membership in the society is free, however, it is suggested that all members of the society become national members of the American Chemical Society. The cost is only $24.00/yr.  

Becoming a Society Officer

The BYU-Idaho Chemistry Society is in need of officers each semester (e.g., president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian). If you are interested in becoming an officer, elections are held at the first meeting; you simply need to show up. Officers will then meet, usually weekly on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm to conduct society business and plan activities. Membership advantages include the development of leadership skills, community involvement, new friends, applying chemistry, staying informed, and learning skills to help you with graduate school or employment. You do not need to be a chemistry major to become a member of the Chemistry Society, only an interest in participating.