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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Student Research

Get involved with faculty-supported chemistry research projects.
Students wearing protective goggles in the chemistry lab.
Research Expectations
A number of chemistry faculty at BYU-Idaho are engaged in small-scale research projects designed to give students valuable, real-world experience and to further develop skills. All areas of chemistry may be studied (i.e. analytical, inorganic, organic and physical) with a faculty mentor.

Students can participate in research for credit (1 or 2 per semester) or for a small stipend each semester, but not both.

Students are required to learn modern instrumentation techniques, laboratory skills, writing skills, and presentations skills. Presentations on research done can be recorded via a written report, oral presentation, or poster presentation with a student’s faculty mentor.

For further information about student research at BYU-Idaho, contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at 208-496-7700.