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Assessment Services

Assessment Services help faculty with course vision, outcomes, assessments, and syllabus revisions.

Who We Are

Curriculum Development Shoot

As a branch of Campus Curriculum Development (CCD) and under the direction of Matthew Anderson, we at Assessment Services aim to assist faculty members in the effective use of assessments in pedagogy and curriculum.

We understand that few faculty members have had direct training in assessment methods. Our goal, therefore, is to support, train, and assist faculty members in finding more effective tools, applications, and use of assessments for their specific academic needs.

Our team provides a detailed and in-depth review of courses offered at BYU-Idaho, including learning outcomes review, rubric development, assessment-learning outcomes alignment, and other assessment-related work. We do the work to ensure that our recommendations and suggestions for improvement are based on educational research.

Mission Statement
Assessment Service’s mission is to assist faculty members in

Articulating their course outcomes
Improving their course assessments
Mapping student learning experiences
Services We Provide
-Bloom’s Taxonomy Analysis
-Concept Mapping
-Empirical Research Groundwork
-Syllabus Revision
-Course Outcome & Assessment Alignment
-Verb and Object Structure Comparison
-Retention tools
-Personalized Consultancy
-Assessment Design

Pilllars Of Student Experience

Assessment Services offers personalized training to assist faculty members in meeting the requirements to achieve Program and Institutional Learning Outcomes. The alignment of three key pillars (as listed below) will greatly benefit the learning experience of students who attend BYU-Idaho.

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Course Vision

This statement embodies what the faculty wants each student who takes their course section to achieve. They should hold ties to other sections, but ultimately need only be a clear declaration from the professor answering the question: “By the end of my class students should be able to…”

Course Outcomes

Course outcomes are what knowledge or skills the student should achieve by the completion of the course. On a syllabus, course outcomes are stated as learning goals or objectives that display what is expected from a student. They enable the faculty to track the progress of the students in achieving the course section vision. Outcome statements at all levels of the university should contribute to and support the mission of the university.


We use assessments as the dominant way to measure student achievement for each outcome. Each outcome should be clearly assessed at least once, but preferably more than that. Additionally, assessments indicate readiness for progression; promote learning; provide feedback (to students and teachers); help diagnose faults and help remedy mistakes; enable grading and final degree classification; provide a performance indicator for the students, the course, and the faculty and lastly define what students regard as important.

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Jodi Robison
Course Assessment Manager
206-B Lamprecht Hall