The following principles govern online offerings:

  1. Online offerings are owned by the University, the Church, and ultimately the Lord. Online offerings exist to bless His children. All employees are stewards engaged in a consecrated effort to expand reach, improve quality, and reduce cost.
  2. Online offerings are managed under a model of shared stewardship with defined areas of responsibility.
  3. Course leads and departments have primary responsibility for content, course outcomes, content pedagogy, and key assessments. The Online Learning organization has primary responsibility for online course design, online pedagogy, and online delivery. Faculty and Online Learning employees help and support each other in their responsibilities.


Online offerings: online programs, courses, sections, initiatives, products, processes, and projects.

Shared stewardship: a cooperative, unified, synergistic effort in which the activities of each group multiply the activities of the other groups.

Online course: Any course that is developed and delivered in association with the BYU-Idaho Online Learning organization and is aligned with the Online Course Design and Delivery Principles and Standards.