Why Should I Consider Being a Student Year-Round?

Students who progress their educations on a year-round basis typically have higher persistence rates than students who don’t. Higher persistence rates lead to higher graduation rates.

Being a year-round student will also help you to graduate faster. Graduating college on time will allow you to start your career sooner and can have significant financial benefits for you.

How Can I Be A Student Year-Round?

BYU-Idaho has provided many options for you to consider as you plan your path to graduation. Taking advantage of these different options as appropriate for you, will allow you to become a year-round student.

1. Take 30 credits Per Year

a. If possible, try to take at least 12 credits per semester during your priority semesters and 6 credits during your flex semester.

i. Taking on-campus classes during your flex semester will require an override - contact the Admissions office for more information.

ii. Online classes are open for enrollment during your flex semester.

2. Receive Reduced Tuition for Online Only Classes During Your Flex Semester

a. If you take online only courses during your flex semester, you will receive a $50 per credit discount on your tuition for those online classes. Please note that this discount applies if you enroll only for online courses during your flex semester. Taking a mix of on-campus and online classes during your flex semester will disqualify you from receiving the tuition discount.

b. You may qualify for financial aid during your flex semester. Please contact the Financial Aid for more information.

3. Internships

a. Internships are required for most BYU-Idaho programs and can be done in any semester of the year whether you are on-track or in your flex semester. Please contact the Internships Office for more information.

4. Applied Learning

a. Applied Learning Projects (ALPS) may be an option for you to gain professional experience, strengthen your resume or complete a project. For more information on this program, please visit the ALPS webpage.

5. Summer Session

a. BYU-Idaho offers courses between the Spring and Fall semesters on a 7-week schedule called Summer Session. Click here for more information.