Students will learn to teach and become legendary.

[You] will be natural leaders who know how to teach and how to learn. [You] will become . . . legendary. . .

Elder Henry B. Eyring, Former President of Brigham Young University - Idaho


President McKay taught "No greater responsibility can rest upon any man [or woman], than to be a teacher of God's children" (in Conference Report, Oct. 1916, 57).

We believe in programs that integrate theory and best practice. They are rigorous academic programs with a strong theoretical knowledge base and extensive practical experience in public schools. All education degrees require an application to officially enter the program and take many of the required classes. The recommended course sequence is found within each program. For details and questions not answered within this department web site, please see the program directors, faculty, or academic discovery center.

The following represent all of the degrees offered by the Department of Teacher Education:

Secondary Education Core

Secondary education majors are housed in content areas across campus with core education courses offered through the Teacher Education Department.

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