"As higher education looks at improving educational opportunities and the need to help students control costs, the prospect of developing inter-university relations is very important. A student can reduce time in the bachelor's and graduate degree programs by universities collaborating with new options. Not only will students benefit by way of time and money, but the route to a quality education will be open to them. This is an exciting path for students to look at and pursue as we continue to emphasize the three imperatives - imporve quality, serve more students, and control costs."

-Fenton Broadhead, Emeritus Academic Vice President


Our office works to facilitate collaborative relationships between BYU-I and other institutions of higher learning in the creation of specific accelerated degree programs. We seek to establish opportunities that are engaging and meaningful for qualified and dedicated students.

To see who our partners currently are, visit our Existing Partners page.


Communicating these opportunities to our student population is a challenge will be a united effort.  Your active involvement will be key in helping students catch the vision of how this degree offereing will benefirt them now and in the future.

We suggest that you become familiar with our existing partners and agreements so you can best help direct students to most beneficial information for them.

If you are unsure where to start, please contact us.