CCC Annual Copyright License

Academic Annual Copyright License from Copyright Clearance Center

It is important that BYU-Idaho campus community follow the university policy for use of copyrighted material on campus. It can be challenging to ensure that faculty, students and other staff members have the rights they need to use and share the content they need without wondering if it's legal.  To facilitate this process, the university has adopted the Academic Annual Copyright License (ACL) from the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to provide content users campus-wide with the copyright permissions they need in a single, multi-use license.This license provides faculty, librarians, students, and administrative staff with comprehensive, institution-wide coverage for the reuse of text-based content in both print and electronic formats for educational and research purposes. There are over a million titles included in the license repertory, and this list continues to grow with as many as 25,000 titles per month.

Types of use covered under the license include:

  • Library reserves (print and electronic)
  • I-Learn postings
  • Classroom handouts
  • Coursepacks (print and electronic)

Types of use not covered under the license include:

  • Non-educational uses (e.g., promotional and advertising)
  • Copyrighted material covered by the CCC Annual Copyright License, but subject to individual publisher restrictions as noted in the license.

Benefits of license include:

  • The Annual Copyright License greatly reduces the time spent securing copyright permissions. With the searchable online catalog, users can verify coverage in seconds. So instead of ordering individual permissions and managing invoices, staff members can use and share content with confidence and dedicate more time to higher value activities.
  • Uniform set of pre-approved usage rights for paper and electronic coursepacks, course management system postings, classroom handouts, electronic library reserves, research collaboration, and administrative and faculty communication.
  • Broadened awareness of intellectual property on campus. The license also demonstrates a good faith effort by the university in being compliant with copyright laws.

How To Check If A Title Is Covered By The License

To see if a title is covered by the library's Annual Copyright License with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC),

  1. Go to the Annual Copyright License search page:
  2. Enter the title of the periodical or book. You can also search by ISSN or ISBN. Note: for articles, be sure to search for the title of the periodical, not the title of the article.
  3. Verify Coverage -In the search results, the license coverage is shown in the box on the right.
  4. CCC ACL Sample

If you see a green check mark covered by ACL and "Academic License - Digital/Print" message, then you are free to use this title in your course materials or share it with others at BYU-Idaho. You may continue to use the material for the duration of the campus license agreement with the CCC.

Other options that may appear in this box include:

  • not covered"Not covered"- Our license does not include rights for this title. You can click the request coverage link and CCC will request future coverage, but it does not grant coverage.
  • "Public Domain"- If a title is in the public domain, copyright permission is not required, you may freely share or distribute it.

In addition, your search results may include special terms from the copyright holder.  Click the "Terms Apply" link to view any special terms associated with the title.