The complexity of technology and how society chooses to address the newer, faster and more convenient ways of using and sharing information, along with the misconceptions of using copyrighted materials in teaching and learning make it challenging to understand the application of copyright principles. Georgia K. Harper in the University of Texas Copyright Crash Course says, "Copyright enables us and it throws stumbling blocks in our paths. If you take the time to learn a little bit about it, you can exploit its benefits and avoid its pitfalls."

To assist with copyright issues, BYU-Idaho provides an Intellectual Property Rights Specialist to inform and educate the university community about the application of copyright principles and offer help and guidance to the faculty and students in resolving copyright questions. This website is intended to provide information about campus policy as well as provide resources that hopefully will reduce your doubts, fear and indecision in using copyrighted materials in the pursuit and delivery of education.

We encourage you to review and utilize these resources to develop informed practices in the application of copyright principles. This website is not intended to serve as legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel.

The University's copyright policy states in part that "all members of the BYU - Idaho community must assume and operate as if most materials (regardless of form, format, or notice) are copyrighted.   Permission is required for reproducing, distributing, modifying, displaying, and performing all copyrighted works."

"Members of the BYU-Idaho community who disregard [the] Copyright Policy may violate the Honor Code, the terms of their employment (jeopardizing their employment status), place themselves at risk for possible legal action, and incur personal liability."