Department of Accounting

Introduction to Accounting

Graduates of the Accounting program will be prepared to succeed in graduate studies and make immediate contributions in the workforce.  Students will participate in a variety of learning experiences with their peers and professionally credentialed faculty to develop the functional knowledge, technical skills, and professionalism necessary to be successful leaders in their homes, the Church, and the profession.

Meet the Firms

BYU-Idaho's Accounting Department is sponsoring its annual Meet-the-Firms event on Thursday, September 28, 2017 from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m., in the Manwaring Center Grand Ballroom (MC 220).   During the event, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to these firms that sponsor internships and employ many of our graduates.  You'll also have the opportunity to set up an interview for a possible internship or employment.

Who is invited?

You and your spouse (or significant other guest) are invited to attend.

Who is not invited?

  • Infants and children of students are specifically uninvited so that attention may be given to the firms that have incurred significant costs to participate.
  • Friends and neighbors of students.
  • Those who are coming only for the food.

What is the attire?

  • Dress is formal business attire. Sunday-style white shirts, dark-colored suits, ties, or dark-colored dresses. All dress must comply with BYU-I modesty standards.
  • Formal business attire includes clean teeth, fresh breath, neatly combed hair, and shaved faces.

Where is the event?

The event will begin in the Manwaring Center Grand Ballroom (MC 220) with approximately 10 minutes of instruction. Students will spend the rest of the evening meeting the firms.

For more information contact Brother Kevin Packard:, (208) 496-3851, SMI 418.