We can help you by taking the level-one calls and decreasing your employee’s time spent on the phone.

We know that you and your employee’s time is important, especially for completing department specific tasks. Our service will provide more time to complete more pressing responsibilities. The BYU–Idaho Support Center and its services have the knowledge and resources to answer the simple questions callers often have and, in the process, help create more efficiency in the workplace.

We are also able to collect and store feedback from the customers who contact us, and that information is readily available for you for improvements, training, and other uses.


Those calling into the BYU–Idaho Support Center will be met with friendly customer service and a helpful attitude.

We have the knowledge and experience to correctly transfer and direct calls from incoming students and customers. We will also save the callers valuable time previously spent on hold with our new and proven system used office-wide.

The BYU–Idaho Support Center is also adept at transferring customers to the right destination the first time as an alternate to being juggled between departments.

Another specialty of ours is the ability to walk students through the solution to their individual problems, all while providing the valuable information that one needs to be successful here at BYU–Idaho.


Our main focus is, and always will be, to meet any customer’s needs through our service-based work strategy.

Working together, the BYU–Idaho Support Center and your department will have the opportunity to help make this university the place that President Henry B. Eyring said in his 2001 devotional, could “do more with less.”

Through thoroughly answering the basic questions of those who need our assistance, our department will help to free up your time so that you can accomplish more within your area of expertise.

Partnering with us will further show that BYU–Idaho is a place of growth and genuine service. Combining our efforts will also allow BYU–Idaho to become more unified and cohesive as a whole through multiple department relationships.

An increasingly globalized campus is on the horizon. We can help you manage your office’s exponentially growing workload.