Spring 2019 SRC

About SRC:

The Mission of the Student Representative Council is to represent students to the administration, encourage relationships between students and administration, and work with peers to develop Disciple Leaders.

We Represent Students by:
Attending and actively participating in administrative councils
- Each council member sits on at least one administrative council and represents the voice of the students in the decision-making process.

Holding focus groups
- Under the direction of the SRC Director and the Dean of Students, volunteers lead discussions with students regarding issues within the university. These discussions usually include two or three SRC Members and 25 students. These meetings last for about 45 minutes. The results of the focus group are discussed within the SRC and reported to the Dean of Students, and, if necessary, to the President’s Council.

Conducting surveys
- In order to change anything for the better, we need to conduct surveys with questions to find out what students' interests are. The results are reported to the respective, administrative council.

We Work with Peers to Develop Disciple Leaders by:
Providing Opportunities to lead
- Within the SRC, there are many ways to look outside of oneself and lead.

Doing service projects
- Each week, the SRC looks for needs around campus or in the community and seeks to help out the best way they can.

Hosting Socials
- The SRC seeks to provide opportunities for students to build friendships and socialize with other students in a fun, casual setting.

- Our volunteers help to spread awareness and/or invite students to get involved and participate with the SRC by contacting fellow students across campus.