One of the greatest advantages BYU-Idaho offers its students is the opportunity to be a member of a student ward and stake. Sunday meetings, Monday home evenings and other activities contribute to the spiritual and social growth of each student. Progress toward spirituality and righteousness is greatly enhanced through participation in the sacrament, priesthood, Relief Society and auxiliary meetings provided each week. BYU-Idaho’s most important mission is to encourage students to live the principles and build testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Attendance in your assigned ward meetings is a requirement for continued enrollment. Students who do not attend their church meetings may have their endorsements withdrawn.

Single students living in approved housing are expected to attend their assigned YSA ward. Students whose home is in the immediate community are expected to attend their home ward or assigned YSA ward. Married students generally attend married-student wards but may elect to attend community ward in which they reside based on speciļ¬c family needs.