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Recycling & Sustainability

Information about BYU-Idaho’s initiatives for recycling, energy, and water conservation and sustainability.
The BYU-Idaho Science and Technology Building lit at dusk.
Sustainable Education
Sustainability is a front-page issue as the global economy continues to expand. In the U.S. and abroad, the world economic growth is directly tied to natural resources. BYU-Idaho's continued growth is no different and requires reliable, fair-priced resources for cleaning supplies to electricity.

Natural resources are vital to BYU-I's core mission to educate students. Resources include coal, natural gas, electricity, water, and building materials. Due to the scale of the University's operations, the cost to procure and deliver these resources requires millions of dollars each year. Campus sustainability practices focus on establishing a comprehensive sustainability strategy for the school called the BYU-Idaho Sustainability Initiative.

In addition, BYU-I seeks to stay abreast of new technologies, identify opportunities and methods to encourage consumption management, and implement energy conservation projects. As new facilities are built they are delivered in harmony with the BYU-I comprehensive energy/sustainability plan.

The BYU-Idaho Sustainability Initiative seeks to educate students and the community about resource management, provide meaningful employment and leadership experiences to BYU-Idaho Students, and offer valuable service to the community.

Recycling and Energy and Water Conservation Initiatives

Learn more about campus recycling and how you can get involved.
How BYU-Idaho has made energy conservation a priority.
How BYU-Idaho conserves water on campus grounds and buildings.