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Yoga from Home

BYU-Idaho Radio · Yoga From Home- An Interview with the Founder of Idaho Yoga Co-Op

Many businesses have had to adapt to the COVID-19 coronavirus and the social distancing measures we have in place to avoid it. Unfortunately, for many fitness industries, their companies have come to a grinding halt.

But one local yoga studio, Idaho Yoga Co-Op, in Idaho Falls, made the quick adjustment to move sessions online. So far, the change has gone smoothly.

“It’s been great. Students still sign up the same way,” said Daysha Hampton, the founder of Idaho Yoga Co-Op. “Our attendance went down a little bit, but now it’s gone back up.”

Hampton said classes are very accessible to the community, and they have people participating around the country.

Hampton also said the benefits yoga provides could help many people fight through social isolation.

“Studies about yoga have proven that it is beneficial in all [sorts] of different areas,” Hampton said.

Hampton has about 20 years of yoga experience, and she said the Co-Op is one of the most affordable options around for yoga.

“We’re [one of] the cheapest places in the country,” Hampton said. “I’ve never seen a place more affordable than the Co-Op.”

The studio offers a variety of classes for a wide range of age groups.

For information about the studio and what they have to offer, visit Idaho Yoga Co-Op.

The classes may be just what you need if you’re having a hard time with social distancing or anything else that’s weighing you down in life.