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Wild Adventure Corn Maze Presents Their Sunflower Patch

BYU-Idaho Radio · The Wild Adventure Corn Maze Presents The Sunflower Patch

The Wild Adventure Corn Maze added a summer attraction that has photographers and families heading there early.  

A 9-acre sunflower field is built with photographers in mind and makes gathering together to enjoy them simple.  

“It’s a 9-acre patch of just sunflowers that has a design in it specifically designed for photography,” he said, “It just makes for a scenery and a photo that is super unique that you can’t get anywhere else.”  

Ryan Searle is the owner and with this being the second year growing the sunflowers, he has made some changes.  

“Last year it was only about a 10-day deal, but we have made changes to make it a little longer this year,” he said, “This week and next week is going to be the best time to check out the sunflowers.” 

The sunflower patch also offers activities like cornhole, a zipline, and sunflower picking. You can head home with a pail of sunflowers at a wholesale price. Admission to the sunflower patch includes the activities but excludes the price of flowers. The pricing is on their website.  

Searle said photographers can purchase special packages that include family passes and tickets for clients to use. The field is great for photographers and offers variety.  

“We have over 20 different varieties of sunflowers out here,” Searle said, “It isn’t just your average drive down the freeway roadside sunflower.” 

Searle hopes the sunflower patch will be open through the end of August. The corn maze will open in September and remain open through Halloween.