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Ultimate Extreme Huntress Competition Winner Lindsay Christensen

Extreme Huntress Competition is a competition for female hunters. Its goal is to give positive role models for women and children. Last year, the competition celebrated its 10th year with a special competition named Ultimate Extreme Huntress Competition. It was only for previous winners of the Extreme Huntress Competition. Competitors had the chance to travel to Zimbabwe and hunt with professional hunters. The winner was announced Jan. 10, and it was a local hunter from Weston, Idaho, Lindsay Christensen who won. 

Lindsay Christensen learned how to hunt when she was young and would go with her father and sister.  

“My dad didn’t have any sons so it’s just myself and my sister and so my sister and I grew up doing everything little boys would do, of course we enjoyed it, it’s not like we were forced to do it,” Christensen said. “I was in the mountain with my dad before I could even walk.”  

She got her license to hunt as soon as she was able to and got her first deer with her bow at the age of 12. She is mainly a bow hunter and her favorite thing about hunting is how close she can get to the animals. It helps her to learn more about wild animals, their habitat and nature.  

“The mountains are just a place to relax and get rid of stress and I mean I could go hunting every day and not harvest an animal or not even shoot an animal and still be happy because I would be out in nature,” she said. 

One of her favorite experiences from the Ultimate Extreme Huntress Competition was having the chance to go to Zimbabwe and having Tanya Blake, who is the only licensed professional female hunter in Zimbabwe, as her guide during her time there. They were able to hunt together and talk about the process of becoming a licensed hunter.  

“I went with my sister around home, but I don’t get the opportunity to hunt with many other women often and so to be able to go with her hunting and learning knowledge from her,” Christensen said. “It was really, really, really cool to hunt with her doing what she specializes in and I was actually able to harvest a cape buffalo.”  

Now that Christensen was able to win the Ultimate Extreme Huntress Competition, she has new goals to achieve. In the spring of 2017, she traveled to Spain on a Gredos ibex hunt and was the first modern woman to hunt a Gredos ibex with a bow. Her new goal is to get the Spanish ibex slam with a bow.  

“No woman in the modern world has ever done it, so I went back in the fall of 2018 and got my second species of ibex, which is the Beceite ibex and I am actually working on trying to plan a trip to go do the Southeastern and the Ronda ibex at the same time,” Christensen said. 

It seems like she has a lot of exciting things happening! To keep track of her hunting career you can check out her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram @bowhuntress88.