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Time Out for Women in Idaho Falls


Time Out for Women, an inspirational women’s conference is coming soon to Idaho Falls. March 20th to the 21st women of all ages will gather at the Idaho Falls Civic Auditorium for an uplifting weekend. The event is designed for women 16 and up.  

Events Marketing Manager for Time Out for Women, Kamie Fisher, says, “Time Out for Women is crafted for women of faith all around the world to be able to come together and gather for a weekend full of music and messages that will inspire and focus and renew their spirits.” 

This inspiring weekend features speakers and performers from around the country. The Idaho Falls TOFW will feature singer Callee Reed and The Nashville Tribute Band. Inspirational Speakers such as Anthony Sweat, Barbara Morgan Gardner and more will be presenting that weekend.  

Each year the theme changes for TOFW. Fisher says this theme is based off a scripture in Psalms. Fisher said, “...this year’s theme is take courage my heart, and it’s based off the scripture Psalms 27:14 that says wait on the the entire theme is a reminder that God is always with us and will strengthen us and we exercise faith in Him.” 

Fisher says she loves going to Time Out for Women. Fisher’s favorite part is befriending new people. She said, “ favorite moment is being able to connect with someone that you’ve never met before and being able to leave knowing that you are great friends by the end of it. It is so great to see and interact with all of these women and hear their stories and why they are at time out or why they felt they needed to go to time out or how they got there. Being able to interact and connect with them on a such a deeper level is amazing. It is one of my most favorite things.” 

Time Out for Women is especially popular here in Southeast Idaho and tickets are on track to sell out. Fisher said, “, they are still available for Idaho Falls, but we have a very limited amount. Idaho Falls is actually trending to sell out pretty soon which is great. But there are a few still available.” 

You can purchase your tickets online at