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There’s a New Way to Create Art in Rexburg

You don’t need to take any art classes to create a masterpiece at the Splatter Lab in Rexburg. People with or without previous art experience are welcome to come and enjoy the fun.  

After choosing a traditional experience, or a glow-in-the dark blacklight experience, participants at the Splatter Lab are given a jumpsuit, foot coverings and paint. They are then escorted to a room where they are free to be as creative as they want.  

“Some people get really crazy, they’re covered head to toe by the time they’re done with splatter paint, and some people end up doing just their canvas and try to keep it as clean as possible,” said Steffany Faldmo, one of the owners of Splatter Lab. 

Whether you prefer to splatter paint everywhere or stick to the canvas, the Splatter Lab welcomes couples for date-night or larger groups. Check out their website for more information on group discounts or to reserve a time to paint!