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The Story Behind Sun Sage Floral in Preston

BYU-Idaho Radio · The Story Behind Sun Sage Floral in Preston
Flowers are a great way to share how you feel. Michelle McNeely, owner of Sun Sage Floral in Preston, is helping Southeastern Idaho locals with all their floral needs. McNeely is originally from New York, and previously owned a floral shop in Rochester.  

After years in New York, she sold her floral shop and moved to Preston looking for a change of pace. McNeely worked at Michael’s and other craft stores. She was known at the time for helping customers with silk and artificial floral arrangements. McNeely said she had many customers tell her she should open a floral shop in Idaho. She said after people encouraged her to open a floral shop again, she was ready.  

“My first initial thought was to open it in the south part of Logan. Then I thought about it and I really wanted to be a part of my own community. So, that’s when I decided, ‘Ok, we’re going to open up in Preston,’” McNeely said. 

The transition from New York customers to Idaho customers was a change for McNeely. She said in New York, many customers wanted “high-style” and “more funk”, but her Idaho customers were looking for more natural floral arrangements. 

“Like using… a lot of wheat, a lot of cattail, making things in farm truck, working with antlers… and deer skulls, working with barbed wire. You don’t do that in New York,” McNeely said.  

Sun Sage Floral offers a variety of floral arrangements for any occasion. The floral shop also hosts ladies’ night three nights a month, where women can go to relax and enjoy creating floral arrangements. McNeely said the arrangements don’t stop with women. 

“We also have a man cave. Our store is set up like a boutique, and we have one room that is geared towards men. [Things like] farming, hunting, trapping, trucks, motorcycles, horses…. It is geared all towards those hobbies or what they did for a living,” McNeely said.  

More information about Sun Sage Floral or to order flowers is available online at