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The Rexburg Free Clinic welcomes all

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Kaitlyn Kidd

The Rexburg Free Clinic is a nonprofit medical center focused on giving care to those who need it. Anyone can come and there is no financial screening required. Kaitlyn Kidd, the executive chief director of the clinic said they have an “open door policy.”   

“There really are no limitations on who can come see a doctor at our facility,” she said. 

She said this includes everyone, even BYU-Idaho students. This also means there are no financial screenings or paperwork required. The clinic offers several different services completely free of charge. These include most general health services including sports physicals, mission physicals, mental health services, massage therapy, STI testing and more. They also work with providers so that, in the case of a referral to another center, patients can receive discounts.   

Kidd said many of the people they see are experiencing tough times and making hard decisions. 

“They’re deciding between feeding their families and putting dinner on the table or going to see the doctor and we don’t want them to have to make that decision. That’s why we’re here,” Kidd said.   

To make this possible, the Rexburg Free Clinic works with many volunteers, and they are always looking for more. They hope to expand their services soon to include dental care. Because of this, she said they are on the lookout for dental equipment. 

Kidd said a great way to contact the clinic about helping is through their social media pages including Facebook and Instagram.   

To schedule an appointment call (208) 716-8723 or to see their services go to the website at