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The Importance of the Idaho FFA with Clayton Beene

BYU-Idaho Radio · The Importance of the Idaho FFA with Clayton Beene
The National Future Farmers of America Organization’s main goal is to help young men and women discover their interests and talents directed at agricultural careers. The organization has a solid foothold in Idaho, as a major part of the state’s industry is based around agriculture. 

The leadership of the Idaho FFA Association is made up of high school and college students. These students travel to various FFA chapters in the state to help teach others about the organization and its goals. Clayton Beene, the president of the Idaho association, said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio this organization teaches kids a lot of great things. 

“A lot of it is leadership, and that’s especially what I do, is I teach kids how to be leaders. I travel around and be a leader and a good representation to these kids,” said Beene. 

Although the FFA’s main goal is to teach kids about agricultural topics, Beene’s favorite thing about the organization is the opportunities he’s had to help kids become successful leaders. 

“So why should you support FFA or why FFA matters? It’s because we’re training leaders for the next generation,” he said. 

This week is National FFA Week, and schools across the state have been participating with the organization to create fun activities for kids to take part in that teach them about agriculture. 

“We’ve been having some social media challenges, so our officers have been posting prompts every day that people have been responding to, but each chapter also has events going on,” said Beene. “I know there’s been some fun tractor drives, breakfast’s, and award ceremonies for FFA members.” 

Rigby High School had their own tractor drive. You can view the post on their Facebook page.

Beene said that if someone wants to get involved in the FFA, it’s very easy. 

“Anyone in high school can get involved, anyone who wants to can reach out to their local school advisor or local chapter. There’s a lot of things going on and you can find a way to fit in,” he said. 

This organization has inspired Beene to become a leader, and he wants to work to give back to the organization and his community. 

“I’m studying agricultural business, and the real reason I’m doing that and the real reason I joined the FFA and ran to be an officer is because I want to give back to the people that gave me those leadership skills. So the degree I’m looking for and the job I’m looking for doesn’t matter, just as long as I can give back to those people,” he said. 

For more information, you can check out the Idaho FFA’s website at