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The Idaho Falls Zoo is Open for the Season

00000188-4f51-d39c-a189-dfdb69a30000BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with David Pennock of the Idaho Falls Zoo

The IdahoFalls Zoo at Tautphaus Park recently opened for the season. Executive Director David Pennock says we can look forward to activities and two new animals at “the best little zoo in the west.”  

These new animals are a brand-new camel calf, Little Liam, who was born on St. Patrick’s Day and a new red panda couple. The male, Marvin, was born at the Idaho Falls Zoo and has now returned with his mate.  

Though these animals are exciting, Pennock said his favorite attraction at the zoo is the people.  

“The zoo is here for a specific reason and that is to educate people about wildlife and the critical situation that they are in right now…so I’d say that my favorite are people because that’s how we fulfill our mission,” Pennock said. 

By visiting the zoo, guests not only get to learn about conservation and wildlife but contribute to the cause as well.  When visitors purchase their tickets, 50 cents of the cost goes toward conservation efforts. After purchasing their ticket, patrons are given a small token made from recycled ocean plastic that they use to select which conservation effort they’d like their purchase to go toward.  

Pennock said those hoping to support the zoo in other ways have many opportunities. Financial donations, volunteering, and a new internship opportunity are all options.