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The Great Easter Egg Hunt in Idaho Falls

BYU-Idaho Radio · The Great Easter Egg Hunt in Idaho Falls
Residents of Idaho Falls and Eastern Idaho will get to experience Easter with a public event this weekend. 

This weekend, the Great Easter Egg Hunt will take place at the Waterfront at Snake River Landing in Idaho Falls. This is the 6th annual egg hunt, and as is the pattern of recent events, changes had to be made to account for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Liza Leonard, the director of public affairs for Snake River Landing, said a new location was needed to give people the space to socially distance. 

“There’s a lot of grass there, so it helps with making sure everyone stays distanced. Although we’re outdoors, we still want to make sure that people are safe, so we are encouraging that people wear a mask and be conscientious of the social distancing,” Leonard said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. 

That’s not the only change they’re making either. During the egg hunt, kids can find eggs that let them redeem a prize, including a new bike. Usually, prize redemption happens at the event, but in order to keep lines from forming, redemption for prizes now happens directly at the businesses that sponsor the event. 

Even though there are guidelines involved, Leonard said the ability to meet with other people and host this event is something they’ve been “egg-cited” to do. 

“It’s been great to bring this event back when we know people are so excited to be out in their communities again, and we wanted to make this as safe as possible, so we worked with Eastern Idaho Public Health to get the proper approvals to make this possible,” Leonard said. 

A big turnout is usually expected at the Great Easter Egg Hunt, but Leonard said this year is “unpredictable.” 

“This might not be the right fit for everyone this time with COVID, but there might be other events that won’t be happening so it’s hard for us to predict,” she said. “We’re just going to prepare for a big crowd and be able to offer the best time that we can.” 

The hunt starts this Saturday, and you can find more info, including when different age groups will start their hunt, on the event’s Facebook page.