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The Good Report: Snake River Animal Shelter

Kristen Sanger was six years old when she rescued her first kitten. Now, she is the Executive Director for the Snake River Animal Shelter located in Idaho Falls. Sanger says that her desire to help animals was always natural. 

 “For me it was just natural to want to meet the needs of animals who were in need,” says Sanger. 

These feelings motivated Sanger to create the Snake River Animal Shelter. With her background in non-profit and business management and her love of animals, the shelter soon became available to help animals in the community.  

The Snake River Animal Shelter offers many programs to the community, including their K-9 program. This program allows shelter dogs an opportunity to make a difference in the world by becoming trained service animals.  

Sanger states, “I think the Snake River Animal Shelter makes the world a better place because we understand the responsibility of our stewardship and providing for the animals in need and connecting them with the right human who can fulfil their needs.” 

The shelter offers many opportunities to volunteer and help animals in the community. 

For more information about the Snake River Animal Shelter, visit or call (208) 523-5419.