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The Forgotten Carols Now Playing in a Theater Near You

BYU-Idaho Radio · The Forgotten Carols in Select Movie Theaters

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, people are now thinking about Christmas now and how it’s a little different this year because of the pandemic.  Families all over the country are starting their festive traditions, from tree decorating, to cookie baking, to movie watching.  One man is continuing his tradition this year too, but with a little twist.

“Every Christmas for 29 years, I would go all over the country and present ‘The Forgotten Carols,’” said Michael McClean, the writer and producer of “The Forgotten Carols” musical.

The performance revolves around a nurse, Connie Lou, who is taught the story of Christ’s birth and the true meaning of Christmas by one of her patients, John.  McLean started performing the musical in 1991 to promote the book he wrote and based the musical on.  Now, it’s taken him across the country.

This year, however, things have been different because of the coronavirus pandemic.  Normally, thousands of people would watch the musical in several states, but with so many COVID-19 restrictions in place, McLean realized the tour wouldn’t happen. 

“I was so disappointed for the people who really loved coming to see the show. I felt like, Oh, man what a letdown for me …  and for those people who had been writing saying, ‘Oh, what are we going to do this year?’” McLean said.

It wasn’t until McLean saw the Broadway show “Hamilton” in movie form on Disney+ that he realized he could do something similar with “The Forgotten Carols.” McLean said a series of miracles helped him secure a stage, a cast and a crew to make it happen. The result is “The Forgotten Carols” in movie theaters in time for Christmas.

“It just became this miracle. Oh my gosh, how cool is this?” he said.

He said it’s a miracle that the movie isn’t competing with blockbuster movies right now, so maybe people will go to see it.

The movie version incorporates many of the changes McLean and his son, Scott, made for last year’s stage production. It’s showing in theaters in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania. Shows in Washington state are on hold due to an order from the governor. To find a theater near you or to purchase tickets, click here.