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The Bonneville County Fairgrounds Holds Events All Year

Bonneville County has had a new place to enjoy big public events since the new fairground's construction in 2017. The most impressive building by far is the new Melaleuca Building. The state-of-the-art building is unique in that it is a large indoor show room that has heating and air conditioning. That is not all the fairgrounds has to offer.  

Stan Boyle, the executive director on the Fair Board for the Bonneville County Fairgrounds,  said that among the new facilities are horse stables, a swine barn, a livestock barn training area and more. 

Some of the most popular events, other than the county fair itself, include rodeos, stock shows, gun shows, girls winter soccer, craft parties, company dinners and much more. 

Boyle said they wanted a fairground that could be used year-round instead of just a couple of months out of the year like other fairgrounds. 

He said one of his favorite events is Jackpots, where people showcase their animals for competition and prize money.  

“We had a Jackpot in here about two months ago where we had animals from all the surrounding states in here participating from Washington, Montana, Utah, Nevada and so forth,” he said.