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Students Against Slavery

BYU-Idaho Radio · Students Against Slavery- An Interview with Rexburg Chapter President Grant Farnsworth

Slavery and human trafficking have affected the lives of countless people and a group in Rexburg is doing all they can to help educate people about the issue.

“Students Against Slavery” is a group of BYU-Idaho Students affiliated with Operation Underground Railroad. They are one of about 20 student groups in the country.

Every week the group holds meetings for anyone willing to attend.

Grant Farnsworth, the president of the Rexburg Chapter of Students Against Slavery, said slavery is an important issue to address.

“This is a bigger issue than any one of us can handle alone,” Farnsworth said. “I try to teach people about how large this topic is and what they can do about it.”

The group uses the past success of the film “The Abolitionists” as educational material.

“We are focused on modern-day slavery (human trafficking),” Farnsworth said. “More specifically we are focused on child sex slavery.”

The group relies solely on donations and volunteers, and the group always welcomes help.

“We welcome help from wherever it'll come, we don't turn away anyone that is interested in participating,” Farnsworth said. “However, to become a member, you have to be enrolled at BYU-I.”

Farnsworth said one of the best ways people can help support the cause is to visit O.U.R’s website.

Due to COVID-19, the group has moved their meetings online.

To learn more about the group and their meetings, visit their Facebook page.