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Simpson vs. Swisher to Represent Idaho's 2nd Congressional District

Election day is Nov. 3, and one battle on the ballot is between incumbent Republican Congressman Mike Simpson and Democratic candidate Aaron Swisher.  

The winner will represent Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District, which covers Eastern Idaho, and starting in 2012, includes most of Boise as well.  

Rep. Mike Simpson has been the representative for 11 terms and is trying to win his 12th.  

Swisher is a Democrat originally from West Virginia. He has lived in Idaho for most of his life. He studied economics and finance at Boise State University.  

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Democratic Candidate Aaron Swisher
In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Swisher said he believes his background in finance and economics will benefit Idaho’s 2nd District. 

“We have a hard time balancing our budget,” Swisher said. “If we get the economics right, it doesn’t solve all of those problems completely, but it makes all of those problems easier to solve.” 

Swisher has worked in a variety of jobs and said his experience gives him insight into both blue-collar and white-collar lives.  

“I’m running to create a better deal for hard working families. That starts with a fairer paycheck for those struggling to maintain a secure living,”?Swisher said on his website  

One thing Swisher said he would like to change is the lack of two-party representation in the state legislature. He said there is an extreme majority of Republicans in the Idaho legislature, which does not allow for fair representation of both Republicans and Democrats.  

Swisher ran in the 2018 election and lost to Mike Simpson. Now, two years later, they are running against each other once again.  

Simpson was born in Burley, raised in Blackfoot and now resides in Idaho Falls. During his time in office, he has contributed to many projects. 

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Congressman Mike Simpson
In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Congressman Simpson shared what he has done recently while in office.  

“I’ve been able to get the funding necessary to grow the Idaho National Lab to where it is probably one of the top two or three laboratories in the department of energy’s complex,” Simpson said. “Their growth has just been amazing with the new buildings and new programs that they’ve got at the INL.” 

Along with helping INL, Simpson has played a major role in fighting wildfires with the same force the government treats other natural disasters. He said it has taken five years, but this will help protect and preserve our national forests. 

More information about The Great American Outdoors Act and other issues Congressman Simpson has worked on is available at

“Anytime there is an election with an incumbent it is always about the incumbent’s record and what he’s done in the time that he’s been there,” Simpson said. “I am very proud of my record and the fact that I’ve been able to work in a bipartisan fashion across the aisle… Most of these issues aren’t Republican [or] Democrat issues, they’re American issues and we’ve got to deal with them.”? 

Simpson said if re-elected he will continue to represent Idaho’s conservative values.  

Voting is Nov. 3, and registration is available at the polls.