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Servant’s Heart Entertainment Offers Safe Fun for Youth

Servant’s Heart entertainment is an event and music venue that provides several different types of entertainment and event services. This includes music production, live sound, bringing opportunities to people interested in the field of entertainment, and event planning and hosting. 

The owner of Servant’s Heart Entertainment, James Manzanares, said he grew up in the Idaho Falls area. Because of this he understands that it can be difficult to find fun activities that don’t revolve around drinking. Besides boardgames, there weren’t a lot of options for him and his friends, he said.  

Servant’s Heart provides opportunities for everyone in the community, especially teens and young adults to participate in clean fun. Their weekly “High School Night” takes place every Friday night starting 7 p.m. and aims to give teens a safe space to have fun. 

“We just try to provide a space where these kids can come and hang out and have a good time… and have their parents know that they’re not going to get into trouble and nothing bad is going to happen to them,” Manzanares said.  

To learn more about Servant’s Heart entertainment or get tickets to their events, visit their website.