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Senator Jim Risch on Upcoming Election

BYU-Idaho Radio · Interview with U.S. Senator for Idaho Jim Risch
With elections happening the first week of November, it is important to know your options. In a recent interview with Idaho Senator Jim Risch, he said there are clear differences in his candidacy and his opponent’s candidacy. 

“You know, it’s really important that you elect people that think the same way you do, and that will move the country in the same direction you want to move the country, as opposed to something else,” Sen. Risch said. 

Sen. Risch has represented Idaho in the senate for two terms and is hoping to win a third. He has been in Idaho politics as a state lawmaker, lieutenant governor and now as a United States senator.  

He is the Republican candidate, and said he is known as the most conservative senator in the United States. Risch’s Democratic opponent is Paulette Jordan, who served in the Idaho House of Representatives for two terms before she ran for governor in 2018. 

[Listen to our interview with Paulette Jordan] 

BYU-Idaho Radio · Conversation with Idaho Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Paulette Jordan
Sen. Risch said with such diverse opinions and beliefs, voting should be straightforward this year. 

“I just say that it is good that voters have a really, really, really clear choice in this race. You don’t have to go back and forth; I mean this one is really black and white,” Sen. Risch said.  

This interview was before the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Sen. Risch did speak about what the nomination would mean for the U.S. Senate.