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RootsTech 2020

RootsTech is the largest family history conference in the world, and it returns for its 10th year this month. Its goal is to celebrate and discover family connections from the past, present and future. This is a four-day event with well-known speakers and more than 300 breakout sessions.  

This year’s theme is “The Story of You,” which focuses on inspiring the audience to understand that family history is also about recording your own story.   

“At RootsTech we are hoping to help genealogists to look at the work they are doing and think about themselves a little bit,” said Tyler Stahle, the marketing and communications manager for RootsTech.  “And think about the stories we are recording and the memories we are preserving for our kids and our posterity.” 

Many of the breakout sessions will help those who attend know how to share their story by journaling, sharing their story on social media and more. 

The speakers include former American football player, Emmitt Smith; Leigh Anne Tuohy, known for her book and the movie based off the book called “The Blind Side,” based on her experience adopting her son; Steve Rockwood, CEO of; Pulitzer Prize winner and photographer, David Kennerly; and standup comedian Ryan Hamilton.  

“There is something powerful about bringing people together,” Stahle said. “There is something powerful about being around people who are interested in what you are interested in.”  

Stahle said this event not only helps you connect with your ancestors but with those who will be there at the conference. Even though most people would not think a genealogy conference would be exciting, he said it is. Stahle said you can even feel energy in the air and excitement from all those who attend. It’s a motivating experience for all. 

The event will be Feb. 26 - 29. You can get tickets by clicking here. You can login with your FamilySearch account or create a RootsTech account.