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Resources for Easter Fun While Staying Home

Easter is almost here, and this can seem like it will be different than any past Easter. With the stay-home order there are a lot of people who will not be able to spend their time with loved ones or the community.

Speedy Foundation and the Children’s Home Society of Idaho decided to come together as non-profit organizations to create a fun activity for the community to do during Easter while staying in their homes. Two of the activities are Color the World for Kids, and a virtual Easter egg hunt for adults.

Shannon Dereck, executive director for the Speedy Foundation, said Idaho needs the kids’ help to color the world. There are a lot of Easter and Spring coloring pages you can download and upload to social media with the hashtag #Idahope, so they can share all the pictures. She also said your kids should hang them in the window so other people can see them as they are walking in the neighborhood.

In the virtual Easter egg hunt, around 18 non-profit organizations are participating. The way it works is you go to and in the map you try to find Easter eggs which will take you to non-profit organizations. Once you get there, there are key words you need to look out for to submit and see if you can get a raffle ticket.

“A lot of the links will be of benefit for families at this time,” Dereck said.

The focus with this activity is to know there are a lot of resources available if you need them and how we can still do some fun events even if you are inside your home all day.

“You know, 10 days from now families will be celebrating Easter in a very different way and for some that can be upsetting,” Dereck said.

The Speedy Foundation focuses on suicide prevention and mental health and they want to help the community know we are still connected even though we are not physically with other people.

If you have a non-profit organization and would like to participate just go to and submit a request to contribute with these events.